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10 Minute Workout


10 Minute Workout

Can’t you just FEEL spring in the air!! It is so fun when the weather starts to slightly edge up above 40 degrees, and we get flirtatious days of 60 and 70 degrees here and there! It makes my Utah living heart skip a beat! 
My kids are starting to think shorts are appropriate to wear once -again – although I keep telling them we are not quite there yet… It is still 30 something when they head off to school.
BUT!!! We are getting closer!
With that in mind, I thought I would but together a 10 Minute workout with 10 key moves to help you get your body ready for Spring Break and the upcoming summer that will be here before we know it! 
After hiding underneath layers all winter, it’s time to start shedding layers and getting ready to bare a little more skin! No matter what shape or size you are!! These moves will help you tone up and feel more confident and beautiful in your skin!! Because Dear Friend nothing is sexier than confidence


10 Minute Workout

Now that you have Demi Lovato’s song, Confident playing in your head – I know it is! 😉 – we’ll get to the workout out!

SO this is how the 10 Minute Workout, works – Grab a timer – a phone will work just fine! – Set the timer for 1 minute and do as many of the 1st move listed – then set the timer for another minute -moving on to the next move, working your way through all 10 moves with minimal rest. – Want to intensify the workout? Complete all 10 moves 2-3 times through!

  1. Push Ups: — Do As Many as you can in 1 minute! (do as many as you can on your toes and then go to “girl push-ups” when needed) — This will help perk up and tone your upper body
  2. View More: … Drop it Like a Squat–Do as many as you can for 1 minute…This might be the best all-around exercise for toning up that tush! It helps perk and lift your bum! Use weights lifted and held at chest level to increase calories burned and get low! Challenge yourself squats
  3. Stationary Lunges — One minute on your Right Leg, One Minute on your Left — Holding the lunge low for the last 10 seconds — If your legs are shaking that’s a good thing.lunges
  4. Hammer Curls to Overhead Press: ( Do both arms at once for 1 minute) Take the weight and move as if hammering a nail and then once back to the top to press the weight over your head. — awesome for toning those arms and shoulders – {Photo only shows the hammer curl.}Hammer curl exercise. Studio shot over white.
  5. Burpees — Getting to jumping for 1 minute

    Step by step instructions: Begin in a starting position. (A) Drop into a squat position with your hands on the ground. (B) Jump in a plank position. (C) Do a push up. (D) Return to plank position (C) and back to the squat position. (B). And finally jump up from the squat position. (E)
    Step by step instructions: Begin in a starting position. (A) Drop into a squat position with your hands on the ground. (B) Jump in a plank position. (C) Do a push-up. (D) Return to plank position (C) and back to the squat position. (B). And finally, jump up from the squat position. (E)
  6. Upright Rows for 1 minute! Bring weight ups to chest level — then lower them down, make sure you’re in control of the movement! Don’t let momentum control this move!Step by step instructions: Place the resistance band under your heels. Stand up straight with your feet slightly apart. (A) Bend your elbows out to your sides as you pull the cables up toward your chest. (B)
  7.  Plankeasy simple lovely plank — hold it on your elbows for 1 minute –keep your head and neck straight looking just beyond your hands! You best keep that booty down too!! Abs pulled in tight!Slim fitness young woman Athlete girl doing plank exercise at home concept training workout crossfit gymnastics cross fit.
  8. Jumping Jacks — Jack it Out for 1 minute jumping-jacks
  9. Supermans — lay on your back and raise arms above your head and then briefly hold it and come right back down – 1 minute!Superman
  10. Bicycles! Peddle it out and work those obliques! — 1 minute… Come on you can do anything for 60 seconds!
smiling woman doing exercises on mat outdoors
 Well, there you have it, folks, 10 crazy sculpting moves in this 10 Minute Workout all targeted to help you look your best this spring and summer – and always! 

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  1. Love this! People seem to think they need a gym to get in great shape, but really, a human body and some gravity can do a pretty stellar job if you push! I will be trying this workout tomorrow! Thank you!

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