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The BEST Fitness Gifts For Her, Cool Gifts She Will Love!

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Every year around this time, I get really excited! I love finding JUST the right gift for all the fantastic people in my life.

There is something magical about the search for the perfect Christmas gifts and that moment when you see it, THE ideal gift you know they are going to go crazy over. Then the anticipation builds as you wrap the gift and put it gently under the tree, and wait for them to open it on Christmas morning! Watching my husband, kiddos, and family opens their gifts is MY favorite part! I love to see their smiles and excitement as they unwrap and see the treasure I found just for them!

Not only do I love giving gifts, but I also love to receive gifts! But sometimes, the gifts I receive will quickly be regifted or pulled out only once in a while to avoid hurt feelings.

I used to offer subtle hints to my man to let him know what I would like for Christmas, but I realized quickly that my subtle hints were not being picked up on. So ever since I started this little blog of mine, I put together a list of my favorite things I am secretly hoping for, publish it, and send a link to Mr. Thueson to help him out! It’s a genius plan! And I know my husband is not the only one who does not pick up on subtle hints. So feel free to forward this Fitness Gifts For Her Guide to your fantastic man, parents, siblings, and friends as well! That way, this holiday season, you’re guaranteed to have Santa bring you precisely what you want!

Or skip the middleman entirely and do some fun shopping for YOU! (I’m not judging!) If a few of these goodies don’t happen to make it to me Christmas morning, I may be doing some shopping as well. 

Visual Grid of All Gift Ideas Presented In This Fitness Gifts For Her Gift Guide
So many fun Fitness Gifts For Her!

The Best Fitness Gift Ideas For The Female Fitness Junkies In Your Life

Photo of Pink Apple Watch Series 7 the perfect for the fit woman in your life!
I love my apple watch!
  • The Apple Watch Series 7— I LOVE my apple watch, and I am not sure how I functioned without it. If you do not already have one, it is worth asking Santa for. This year I’ll be asking Santa for some matching bands from my friend at Copper Robin.
Alternative Stylish Band for Apple Watch
Isn’t this the perfect way to jazz up your Apple watch?!
  • Classy Watch Bands From Copper Robin. Instantly make your utilitarian watch look hip and fresh! I love The Posh and The Triple Threat styles. They are a great way to keep it classy even after your sweat sessions. Or if you are a Fitbit Charge kind of gal, she also has you covered!
These Nike Free Metcon 4 women's trainers are a BEST Seller for a reason!
These shoes are not only cute but are a great overall shoe!
  • Nike Free Metcon 4 I will always sign up for new shoes, especially new trainers! These sweet-looking Nike Free Metcon 4 combine flexibility with stability to help you get the most out of your training program. Updated “chain-link” mesh cools and flexes as you speed through agility drills while support at the midfoot and heel braces you for your heaviest sets in the weight room.
Photo of Aftershokz wireless headphones
If normal wireless headphones bug you, these are a fantastic choice!
  • Aftershokz Headphones— I reviewed these a while back, and they are the best wireless headphones, lightweight, great sound, and no wires! They do not rest in or even on your ears, so if you’re like me and headphones can bug you, these are perfect!
I love drinking my Perk! It is the perfect pick me up with just enough caffeine, and a good amount of collagen, + protein.
  • Perk Energy + Chill— Both the Energy and the Chill have become my new best friend. Energy gives me a nice boost mid-afternoon, and the Chill helps me relax and unwind after a long day of mom and blog life. They both are so freaking good everyone needs them in their lives. USE Code ANDIE for 15% OFF!!! 
Blender Bottle GoStak in white, the perfect stackable storage container for snacks and supplements while on the go!
These are the perfect stackable storage container for snacks and supplements while on the go!
  • BlenderBottle GoStak Jars— These handy dandy stacking jars are a part of my daily life. They are the perfect size for snacks and supplements. I carry one in my purse with nuts and jerky for a quick and healthy snack when I get hungry!
Pink lightweight ankle weights perfect for everyday use!
These are super lightweight and perfect for everyday use!
  • Bala Ankle Weights – Are highly underrated and are a super easy way to get more fitness into your life. Or for your fitness fanatic friends, these are a sneaky way to get even more fitness into their day. Please do not make the mistake of ordering 5 or 10lb ankle weights. You will wear them one day and be done. 1-2lbs is perfect for everyday wear. They come in loads of different colors. The brand Bala Bangles has great reviews and are comfortable to wear all day.
Cosori black air fryer the perfect gift for those who love to cook healthy.
I don’t want to think about NOT having my air fryer, it gets used EVERY day!
  • Air Fryer: I put off getting an air fryer for the longest time because I did not need another item I would rarely use. Ha, the joke was on me. I use my air fryer pretty much every day! It makes the tastiest veggies! My fellow fit girl, friends, need this in their lives! I linked to the exact model I have!
Pink 40oz stainless steel water bottle with straw and handle
The BEST dupe for the always sold out Stanley Mug
  • Water Bottles: Any gym lover needs a good water bottle, and the Stanley 40oz mug that has swept Tik Tok and Instagram is constantly sold out. There is a waiting list! ? But I tracked down a fantastic backup option with many of the same features and is much more affordable. The Reduce brand has over 3k 4.9 star reviews!
Black TVLA Align mat the perfect yoga mat for any level!
I love my Align Yoga Mat!
  • Yoga Mat: I love the Align Yoga Mat from TVLA Yoga. It is super lightweight and sturdy. Both things are helpful to have in a yoga mat. The design also lines to help ensure your movements are in proper alignment! Use code Andie15 to save 15% on your mat!
Bottle of Calm CBD healing salve perfect for sore muscles
The perfect sore muscle soother
  • CBD Balm: This makes a great stocking stuffer and is fantastic at soothing sore muscle pain, synonymous with an active lifestyle! I like the brand Calm Wellness. But there are several amazing brands out there!
Soon skincare Korean style face masks for glowing beautiful skin!
Glowing skin after every application!
  • Face Mask: These Korean-style face masks from Soon are luxurious and will leave your skin GLOWING! Also, a great stocking stuffer!
Herschel Pink Duffel Bag Perfect Fitness Gift for Her. Perfect for Going To The Gym
This gym bag just makes my heart happy! It is so pretty!
  • Gym Bag: I love the brand Hershell for backpacks, but they have the cutest gym duffel bag! Complete with leather handles. Just the right about of style!
Mint Green TriggerPoint foam roller!
I LOVE foam rolling my sore and tight muscles!
  • Foam Roller: This is the perfect gift for the avid runner in your life or really anyone who tends to sore muscles! Foam rolling is a great way to soothe muscles after intense workouts! I love this roller from TriggerPoint!
Teleties hair ties in a variety of color and sizes perfect for fir girls who need to tie their hair back while working out.
These are miracle-working hair ties! Keep my hair tied back without damaging it or leaving weird funky creases!
  • Teleties Hair Ties: As a gal with a lot of hair, finding hair ties that will keep my hair back and in place without damaging it is hard to come by. I love Teleties hair ties. They work great and come in different sizes and fun colors!
Stainless steel cookware  by 360 cookware, 3  piece fry pan set
I love using stainless steel to cook!
  • 360 Cookware: Part of a healthy lifestyle is getting rid of pots and pans coated with harsh chemicals. I love my stainless steel set! This three-piece fry pan set are the go-to utensils for sautéing, frying and the 8.5″ Fry Pan is THE tool for cooking omelets. 
Aromatherapy shower steamer tablets. Make your shower extra!
Help make shower time “extra”!
  • Aromatherapy Shower Steamers – Simply place one of your shower fizzies into the corner of your shower. For best results, do not submerge. Allow the heady aromas to whisk you away into relaxation and enjoy your small yet meaningful moment of self-care. And unlike other shower tablets, Cleverfy Shower Steamers are non-slip, safe for septic systems, vegan, and cruelty-free for a complete feel-good immersion. These shower steamers feel amazing after a hard workout!
Lululemon dupe leggings on Amazon with pockets!
The best “dupes” on Amazon!
  • Cute Workout Leggings: I have an obscene amount of workout leggings, but I still love getting new gear. These CRZ YOGA leggings are my favorite lululemon dupes! They come with convenient slip pockets, perfect for holding your phone while working out. They offer over 40 colors and prints to choose from at a FRACTION of the price of Lulu’s. I have a few pairs, and I have been impressed by how well they hold up!
picture of gift certificates
Gift Certificates are always a WISE choice!
  • Gift Certificate For a Massage: This is always a hit! YOU can never go wrong with this one.
The best way to relax, detox, and lose weight!
  • Sauna Bed: I love my Higher Dose Sauna Bed! This is sure to be a hit for your fitness enthusiasts. I love how my sauna bed brings the spa experience right into my living room. And it folds down for easy storage.
Silk and Sonder Journals With Daily Prompts is a great fitness gift for her
I love my silk and sonder subscription! I look forward to my delivery every month!
  • Silk + Sonder Subscription: Each journal is inspired by positive psychology, bullet journal techniques, and a proven self-help layout and includes guided prompts, wellness trackers, and dated calendar spreads for easy introspection, creativity, and focus. I love getting my monthly planner each month. It helps me stay focused, and I love how they have a new theme each month to focus on. There is also a fantastic FB community you can join for support!

Whether you are shopping for your wife, daughter, friend, gym buddy, or yourself, I hope you were able to find the perfect gift from this fun list of the best fitness gifts for Her.

Happy Shopping + Much Love,


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  1. Erin | Dinners,Dishes and Dessert says:

    These are look so amazing! My favorite is BlenderBottle GoStak Jars!

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    Thanks! you gave me some good ideas for my daughter!

  3. Such great ideas. I love the earrings!

  4. These are all such great ideas! Thanks so much.

  5. Jessica Burgess says:

    I have so many friends that these gifts are perfect for! Thank you!!!

  6. Buying running shoes or a bra for someone else???? Don’t think so. It’s hard enough finding just the perfect fit for yourself.

    1. Those can be ideas for you to treat yo’ self! I personally love them and thought others might enjoy them as well! 🙂

  7. 5 stars
    I need to try that CBD Balm! It sounds perfect for me. And yes to the Air Fryer! I thought they were dumb and then I got one and LOVE it. 😀

  8. 5 stars
    This is great! My SIL is definitely a bit more athletic than I am and I don’t often know what to get her for birthday or Christmas! Love this! Thank you!

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    These are awesome ideas! The Air Fryer is definitely something that I will be giving as a gift to my relatives. They will love it.

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