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The Ultimate Gift Guide For Women

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Every year around this time I get really excited! I love finding JUST the right gift for all the amazing people in my life.

There is something magical about the search for the perfect gift, and that moment when you see it, THE perfect gift you know they are going to go crazy over. Then the anticipation builds as you wrap the gift and put it gently under the tree and wait for them to open it on Christmas morning! Watching my husband, kiddos, and family opens their gifts is MY favorite part! I love to see their smiles and excitement as they unwrap and see the treasure I found just for them! 

Not only do I love giving gifts, I also love to receive gifts! But sometimes the gifts I receive are things that will quickly be regifted or pulled out only every once in a while to avoid hurt feelings… 🙄 

I use to offer subtle hints to my man, to let him know what I would like for Christmas, but I realized real fast that my subtle hints were not picked up. So ever since I started this little blog of mine I am able to put together a list of my favorites and things I am secretly hoping for, publish it, and send a link to Mr. Thueson to help him out! It is a genius plan! And I know my husband is not the only husband who does not quite grasp subtle hints. So feel free to forward this Ulitmate Gift Guide For Women to your awesome man, parents, siblings, and friends as well! That way you’re guaranteed to have Santa bring you exactly what you want! 

Or skip the middleman completely and do some fun shopping for YOU!!! {I’m not judging!} If a few of these don’t happen to make it to me Christmas morning, I may be doing some shopping as well. 😉 

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Active Women
Aren’t all these gifts just beautiful!! 
Shiny Pink Yoga Mat

1. A Fancy Yoga mat that is super durable and comes in a fun purple color with a copper-looking side! Yesterday in my Yoga class I noticed mine was looking dicey and leaving foam crumbs everywhere… So PLEASE Santa bring me this?

Blank Stance Socks With Pink Detailing

2. Stance Ankle Socks Are the perfect shoe to wear with your sneakers! I hate how most “no show” socks still show! It’s uber annoying! These are perfectly fitted around your fit so no showing AT ALL! A total win!

High Waisted Silver Moto Leggings From Nordstroms

 3. High Waist Moto Leggings – These are so cute and the detailing on the legs will help flatter your shape. I have a couple in this style and I love them.

4. Converse  AllStar Slip-On Chucks! I have a pair of these in a grey color that is legit threadbare, I am thinking it’s time they retire and why not replace them with a spunky RED! I was watching A Prince for Christmas on Netflix and the lead wore a pair and I kept thinking I needed a pair in my life! If you’ve never worn chucks before they are the comfiest shoe! There is a reason my current pair look threadbare because they have been worn non-stop! 

5. Fancy Meal Prep Containers: Are these not adorable! Even with the curse word I love them! Throw some awesome veggies and lean proteins and you’ll conquer your goals in 2022! >> New to meal prep check out my post on meal planning hacks

6. Life is Better In The Mountains Tee – This is my favorite t-shirt is light and comfy and it portrays exactly how I feel about my love of the mountains! And my cute friend sells them, and I love supporting my friends! 

7. MyoBuddy Professional Deep Tissue Massager: This handy-dandy tool has saved my back and muscles on more than a few occasions! It vibrates and spins on its own and feels amazing!! And the best part is you don’t have to disrobe in front of a total stranger or schedule an appointment… it’s ready when you are. Totally worth the more spendy investment. And if you’re man is buying it for you, you could share it with him and you both will benefit!! 😆 

White Strong Over Skinny Muscle Tank From Etsy

8. Strong Over Skinny: This cute muscle tank is the perfect tank for getting your workout on.

Trigger Point Foam Roller In Mint

9. Trigger Point Foam Roller: The first thing they teach you in Personal Training School is foam rolling, yep it’s that important! It can work miracles on tight and sore muscles. And with over 3000 4 and 5-star ratings on Amazon Trigger Point is the best! 

10. Ankle Weights – Wearing ankle weights throughout the day will help tone and tighten your legs. So gentlemen, who may be reading this… This is a gift that keeps on giving! I wear mine at home all day long and they help! I may look a bit geeky and my kids may make fun of me, but I am toning and tightening all day long! 

Silver Alex and Ani Make Your Own Luck Charm Bracelet

11. Alex and Ani Make Your Own Luck Bracelet: How cute is this! Plus it will help remind you to keep it on the positive side all day long! 

Beautiful Gold Initial Necklace from Nordstrom's

12. Initial Pendant Necklace: I love this new style of necklace, I have been seeing them everywhere and they are so cute! 

13. FRE Skin Care Set: I went into a medical day spa the other day for a free consultation: They had me sit with my chin on a bar and hold really still while a special camera took pictures of my skin. Basically, it will help them pinpoint what area{s} I need to work on to help keep your skin young and glowing… The first couple of shots were scary. I knew they would be, I grew up in Arizona without a bottle of sunscreen insight.

But what surprised me and the esthetician both was that my skin was completely clear of bacteria. She mentioned it was the cleanest scan she had EVER seen! She asked me what skincare I was using {FRE} and wanted to offer it at the spa!! I have been using it for a couple of weeks and my typical PCOS acne skin is looking flawless!! I am more than impressed!

It is specially designed for active skin to help protect against the damages of salty sweaty skin, but I think any skin type would benefit -plus they plant an Argan tree for every kit sold! USE CODE ANDIET for 25% off your set! 

14. Resistance Bands: I think every woman needs a good set of these! They are a great tool to use for toning and tightening your legs plus they are super portable and can be taken with you anywhere. And for $10 they’ll make a great stocking stuffer. 

Black Spiritual Gangster Sweatshirt from Nordstroms

15. Spiritual Gangster Tee: I am obsessed with meditation and affirmations and really living a more mindful and fulfilling existence, which makes me a spiritual gangster! 

Bright Yellow Herschel Duffel Bag From Nordstroms

16. Shine Bright Duffel Bag!: I LOVE this color and it is the perfect size to carry all my stuff!

17. VUORI Slim Style Joggers: I have a few pairs and I am obsessed they are the only sweatpants that are now socially acceptable to wear ALL the time, and I do! 😉

Nike Day Break Sneakers with yellow and coral

18. Nike Day Breaks in Pale Ivory/Mango:  I am obsessed, of course. These retro-looking shoes are the perfect wear with anything shoe. 

Let's Get Physical Retro Style Black Workout Tank

19. Let’s Get Physical Retro Tank: Another shirt that amplifies how I feel about fitness! If you move and get active and take care of yourself you will THRIVE!! And what a great shirt to help you remember to do just that! 

20. drybar Triple Sec Dry Shampoo: My hair would not survive without dry shampoo! It is a necessity! This is my favorite by a mile it smells good and makes my hair look presentable and not a greasy sweaty mess. It is a bit on the spendy side, Batiste dry shampoo is also pretty good {not my fav, but more budget-friendly!}

So there you have it friends a few of my favorite things and a few special things from my wishlist! Here’s hoping Santa is good to me! I have been an awfully nice girl 🙂 

Anything you would add? – Let me know! 🙂    

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