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Don’t Sleepwalk Through Life – Here’s How To Wake Up and Thrive!

Have you ever looked at your life and felt like it was one ongoing sleepwalking episode? It is so easy for us to slip into a comfortable and static routine in our daily life. Our emotional state seems to be on auto-pilot, and we are not in touch with our own feelings. Each new day brings much of the same. Our monotonous routine begs and pleads with us to shake things up and breathe new life into our human life.

As human beings, we are creators by nature, and we thrive when we are creating and making the most of each and every single day!

We crave real purpose.

So if you feel like you are stuck in a rut and routine void of excitement and can’t seem to break free, this post is for you, dear friend!

This is your one and only life; why not make it epic! But that does mean you need to wake up to your real life and take control of your life.

Still not sure if you’re “sleepwalking” through your own life or not? This post is here to help you, so you don’t sleepwalk through life!

Photo of woman deep in thought, reviewing her life. Don't sleep walk through life is her goal.
It is so easy to get lost in our lives and before we know it we are on auto-pilot. Here are some sure fire ways to help you wake up. So you don’t sleepwalk through life.

Here are five questions that will help you assess if you are indeed in a deep sleep in your own life.

  1. Do you feel sad or angry often? Life is hard, and often we shut down. If you often feel sad and mad at life and feel like it is all out of your control, this is a sign it is time to wake up and take back the “wheel,” if you will. Often when we are asleep in our lives, we give our power away in different ways to others. Not being in our power makes us feel sad and angry. We are designed to be powerful creators of our lives!
  2. Do you feel nervous or anxious a lot? When we do not fully understand our ability to create, it is easy to feel full of anxiety and worry constantly. And our worries and fear create, guess what more stuff to worry about and feel scared about—creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. But here is the thing I love about worriers. We have amazing imaginations! We are amazing at creating the worst-case scenarios within our minds. If you use this same energy to create the best case scenario within your mind, your life begins to shift and change dramatically in the most beautiful and miraculous ways!
  3. Do you dread the day when you wake in the morning? If you wake up every morning with a sense of dread and loathing that you have to do it all over again, this is a sure sign you are asleep at the wheel. If you live in alignment with your purpose and passion, you wake up energized and excited to live each new day. I am not saying that every day will be magic and rainbows, but you have a better outlook on life because you create it with your thoughts.
  4. Do you have a lot of conflict or drama in your life? If you are constantly in fights with others or experiencing really low vibe situations coming into your life, then there’s a problem. If you have constant drama in your life, signals that your frequency or vibration is off or in a low state. You attract low-vibe friends and situations when you vibrate at a lower frequency. Your outer reality is a manifestation of your inner reality.
  5. Are you constantly experiencing sickness or health issues? It is scientifically proven that when we think negative thoughts or negative emotions create a chemical reaction in our body that suppresses our immune system. The good news is that it releases endorphins and strengthens our immune system when we think positive thoughts. I love seeing that more and more scientists are diving into the mind, body, and soul connection and proving that it is all connected. Our bodies are truly miraculous.

So now that you have looked over the questions and feel like you need to shake things up and wake up, here are five ways you can do just that!

  • Start each day with purpose; a great place to start is meditation. Quiet the mind and go inward. Our souls are insanely wise, but we must get quiet and listen.
  • Spend time getting clear on what you want in life; if you have been sleepwalking through life, then you have spent a long time focusing only on the things you do not want. It’s time to flip the switch and start creating a life you do want!
  • Find little ways to mix up your daily routine! Make a list of things you enjoy doing that you have not done for a while. Maybe it is rollerblading or flying a kite. Choose to schedule time every day for fun! “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” – George Bernard Shaw. For ideas, look at my list of 100 things to do to raise your vibration!
  • Do social media detox and clear out any accounts that drain your energy or make you feel anxious or sad. Choose to follow only accounts that inspire you and light you up!
  • For 2-3 days, keep a journal by your side and pay attention to every inner negative belief that pops up, take a look at them, and choose to see them for what they are (CRAP!) Rewrite your negative beliefs with ones that empower you and help you see how insanely awesome you are!
  • Look at your pattern of behavior. Ask yourself which habits are serving you and which patterns and habits need to be removed.
  • If you have dreary responsibilities that zap your energy, see if you can delegate or eliminate them altogether. I hate deep cleaning my house a lot. But I love having a clean house, so I hire a cleaner to come every other week, and for me, that investment has been a game-changer! What can you do to lighten your load? (this is a great article by Motherly

As I wrap up, I wanted to review some important things to remember so you don’t sleepwalk through life!

You are the creator of your life, your thoughts create your beliefs, and your beliefs become your reality. Choose to wake up and live! It takes courage to be fully awake and take ownership of your life. Sometimes you will need to face scary underlying causes (subconscious beliefs) that need to be healed. But the best things in life come from doing the work and committing to your own growth.

Have patience with yourself; this is a PROCESS! I’ve been “waking up” to my life for the past several years, and I still am learning and growing as I go.

Sometimes I still find myself lapsing and wanting to coast through life. But I am getting better at catching myself in the moment and getting curious as to why I may be shifting back to my old way of operating. We are like Shrek, onions peeling off one layer at a time as we become closer to living in complete alignment with our most authentic selves.

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