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How Do Spirits Connect With Us? What You Need To Know.

We all have lost someone close to us. The emotional pain of losing family members or other loved ones can be so hard. The pain can linger, causing us to question what happens in the afterlife? You even may be asking yourself how do spirits communicate with us?

I firmly believe that those that have passed on surround us. Not in a creepy, haunting way, but in the best way. Once a spirit leaves its physical body, it passes on to the spirit world. They become our spirit guides and guardian angels.

Photo of woman in a grass field, she is wearing a white dress. The sun is setting and glowing all around her. She is a woman that has asked how do spirits connect with us.
Our loved ones that have passed on surround us and cheer us! They want to communicate with us.

A while ago, I went to a psychic medium, and My Grandfather, Grandfather In Law, and another relative I have yet to place came through all with messages that I needed to hear at that time in my life. It was a beautiful spiritual experience I will hold dear for the remainder of my life. The veil is so thin, and love constantly surrounds us.

You don’t have to believe in such things, but spirits surround us. Most of them are benevolent and good and want to watch over us. In contrast, some spiritual beings may have unfinished business and are here lingering a bit lost. But that is a conversation for another post. For today’s post, I will be focusing on spirit communication that involves specific messages and is more tied to those who have passed on and love us and want only the best for us.

There is no need for an ouija board to communicate with the spirit realm. Spirits usually communicate in a simple common way. I will be sharing my personal experience and what I have researched about spiritual communication. So next time a loved one is trying to communicate, you will be able to “see” their message!

How Do Spirits Connect With Us? Here are Nine Obvious Signs a Spirit Is Trying To Communicate With You:

Nature: The physical world and the spirit world are connected. Often you will see an animal when you wouldn’t expect it, and it almost seems to peer into your soul, with a sense of knowing you. There is a good chance it is a loved one saying hello. If you want to try an experiment in meditation, call upon a loved one you would like to connect with, ask for a “sign” from them. Often your first thought will be an animal, flower, or other living beings. Now when you see that item that came to you, you’ll know it was your loved one saying hello. My dear friend, Jen Suliafu, knows that her deceased mother communicates with her when she sees a rainbow. She has had many beautiful experiences with her mother and rainbows over the years since her passing.

Music– Spirits often give messages through songs. Pay attention to how you feel if you hear a song on the radio, and it seems to fill your soul and speaks to you. You may even see images within your mind of a loved one that has passed. These unusual auditory experiences will feel different to you. You may get goosebumps, or a sense of warmth and peace may come over you. Pay attention and take note! Grandma or whoever it is, is saying hello!

People- Pay attention when you get messages or phone calls from random people or someone you know, as it might be a message from spirit. A living person can be used as a form of communication from an individual spirit. Again trust your intuition; these interactions will feel different, and you will feel the person’s presence doing the communicating.

Photo of a child holding a white feather.  Feathers are a way spirits can communicate with us after they have passed on.
Feathers are a good omen and sign that your angels are nearby.

Feathers– Another good omen from spirit are feathers in odd places. Whenever I see a white feather or any other color, for that matter, in an odd place, I say thank you and trust it is a sign that angels are close and watching over me. I often have a profound sense of peace when I find one.

Electronics- Spirit often communicates through electrical devices since they are pure energy. You may hear fire alarms beeping out of the norm, something turning on in the middle of the night, occasional flickers of lights or television sets turning on and off, etc. Electrical currents and surges can often be spiritual signs a spirit or loved one is close.

Numbers– Is seeing number sequences a frequent occurrence? It could be the same number repeated like 11:11, 222, 333, 444, etc., that you see over and over. Often referred to as angel numbers, these could be your angels trying to give you a message. Or maybe you see your birthday or the birthday of your deceased loved one often.

Signs/Words can be messages on billboards, books, or even in a movie. Sometimes a spirit will communicate to answer a question that has been on your mind through signs and words via different avenues. I believe our loved ones still have a sense of humor. I often feel the desire to look up at just the right time, and I’ll often see a Nebraska Cornhusker sticker on someone’s car or a Cornhusker’s t-shirt they are wearing, and I know it’s my Grandpa saying hello. Nobody loved the Nebraska Cornhuskers as much as my Grandpa. The man carpeted his basement with red carpet in honor of them.

Sense of Smell- Sometimes, people will experience a smell that reminds them of a passed loved one. This usually happens in an odd place to experience that smell, such as driving in your car and smelling a cigar, cologne or smelling the favorite food of our loved one. I often smell my Grandma’s rich perfume when I am meditating, I can feel her love surround me, and I am comforted by her sweet scent.

Touch/Feeling– Some will call this the sixth sense. But we feel our loved one’s presence, or we can feel their touch. I often feel a hand on my shoulder reassuring me and letting me know I am loved.

Dream State: Our loved ones often visit us in our dreams, showing us a sign or giving us a specific message. You’ll often wake up knowing that your dream felt different.

How do spirits connect with us? They are all around us, supporting, guiding, and loving us. If we pay attention, we can have an abundance of magical support through life. However, it is so hard to let go of those we love. I am so grateful for these precious and common signs we can receive.

I hope this blog post gave you a better understanding of the beautiful events that surround us that are meant to be profound connections with our deceased. If you have a specific question for a loved one that passed on, ask, and you will receive an answer! They are here to help. Keep an open mind and an open heart. And remember, regardless of your spiritual beliefs, you are loved. You are surrounded by those who love you and cheer you on from the other side.

Much Love,

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  1. amy stewart says:

    I love this so much. I believe in all of it and it makes me feel comforted.

  2. It is interesting to think about spirits being all around us, supporting, guiding, and loving us. Thanks for bringing the concept to my attention. I’ll be on the lookout from now on.

  3. 5 stars
    It’s so fun to learn more about this! I’ve been fascinated about spirits connecting with us since younger! Thanks for sharing this!

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