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100 Ways To Raise Your Vibe Right Now!

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It is hard to avoid the word vibration or vibes in today’s world. We see this phraseology on t-shirts, bracelets, sweatshirts, and bumper stickers. The “positive vibes” seem to be everywhere. But what exactly does the term good vibes mean, and why is it so important to be “high vibe.”

Like many of you, my search into spirituality is relatively new. A few years back, I remember I was pretty confused by it all, and I was unsure of where to start and exactly what it all meant. If you are on the lookout for ways to raise your vibration and better understand what that actually means and how to create a higher vibration, then my friend, you are in the right place.

Women playing in the water surrounded by sun and light leaks - she is working to raise her vibe.
Raise Your Vibe by focusing on all the things that make YOU happy!

Let’s start with the basics of what vibration is.

One thing we need to understand is vibrational law, which is a universal law. The Law of Vibration states that everything in the universe is in a constant state of movement. We refer to these movements as vibration, and the speed or rate at which something vibrates is referred to as its frequency. The only difference between one object and another is the rate of its vibration.

When it comes to physics, this makes sense. But we must also understand that we are energic beings, and we vibrate at a frequency that controls what we attract into our lives, i.e., the law of attraction.

Suppose we vibrate at low vibration energy and focus on negative emotions, and surround ourselves with negative people. In that case, we will naturally draw bad things and situations to show up for us. Think about it this way, we all have that friend that swears that “murphy’s law” was written for them. They always have a negative attitude and genuinely believe the WORST case scenario always happens to them; inadvertently, they have placed themselves in a low vibe, and they attract everything they proclaim. The universe hears them, feels the energy, and delivers precisely what they ordered, more negativity and worst-case scenarios.

But the good news is we are the author of our story, so we can take this law of vibrational energy and use it to our advantage. We can choose to create a higher frequency and the highest vibration possible for ourselves by taking the time to pay attention to our energies. The biggest clue we have to our current frequency level is our emotions. Take a look at the chart below and see what emotions radiate at what level.

Take inventory. Are you currently radiating at a low vibrational frequency or a high vibrational frequency?

When we choose to raise our vibe, we attract good things into our life experiences. Our mind is crazy powerful, and we can control a lot of our energy frequency by having a constant flow of positive thoughts and experiencing positive feelings.

We all have heard that being in a good positive emotional state is the quickest way to attract and manifest what we want into our lives. Napoleon Hill wrote in Think and Grow Rich that our mind creates for us in powerful ways through pure life force energy.

Very Simply Put:

positive energy = positive things and experience

negative energy = negative experiences and things

But like many of you, as hard as I try, sometimes I am just not naturally in a high-vibe state. I wake up in a funk, or something happened to shift me into low frequencies. This is when this handy dandy list of 100 + ways to raise your vibration can be a lifesaver.

Here are 100+ Simple Things You Can Do To Raise Your Vibe

  1.   Hold a baby
  2.   Watch a funny movie
  3.   Pet a dog
  4.   Read an uplifting high, vibe book
  5.   Go to lunch with a friend
  6.   Write in a gratitude journal.
  7.   Make your favorite treat.
  8.   Paint a picture
  9.   Go for a walk
  10.  Look through a magazine that feeds your creativity.
  11.  Go on a picnic
  12.  Play hide and seek with a child
  13.  Cook a healthy dinner
  14.  Listen to uplifting music
  15.  Play a card/board game with family members.
  16.  Do a yoga class
  17.  Play an instrument
  18.  Plant a tree/flowers
  19.  Hang out with someone that makes you laugh and surround yourself with positive people.
  20.  Go to a lake
  21.  Meditate – Spend time working on your meditation practice
  22.  Listen to a spiritual/motivational leader podcast
  23.  Savor your favorite drink
  24.  Volunteer to help someone
  25.  Look at pictures of places you want to travel.
  26.  Make a vision board
  27.  Take a candlelight bubble bath
  28.  Enjoy a glass of wine
  29.  Watch the sunset
  30.  Take a class to learn a new skill
  31.  Make-out (Yep, get those lips smackin’)
  32.  Crack open good personal development books.
  33.  Write a poem
  34.  Look at the cars you want to have
  35.  Jump on a trampoline like a little kid:)
  36.  Go out to eat at your favorite restaurant
  37.  Walk on the beach
  38.  Start an Impromptu Dance Party (drop it like it’s hot)
  39.  Pick fruit at an orchard and enjoy fresh organic fruits (very high vibrational)
  40.  Write a story
  41.  Sing a song (like no one is listening)
  42.  Donate to a charity
  43.  Watch your favorite show (as long as it’s light-hearted)
  44.  Enjoy coffee at a local cafe with a friend or a book
  45.  Shop for an outfit that you feel sexy in!
  46.  Go horseback riding
  47.  Watch your favorite animated movie you watched as a kid
  48.  Have a water fight
  49.  Make home-made ice-cream
  50.  Go to your local pet store
  51.  Hand a homeless soul some cash
  52.  Say hi to every stranger you see that day
  53.  Eat a candlelight dinner on the deck
  54.  Deep clean your home (cleaning out all the stagnant energy is good!)
  55.  Send a loving text to 5 people.
  56.  Practice Gratitude. Spend 15 minutes saying out loud all the things you’re thankful for in your life.
  57.  Pull out your stash of past birthday cards written to you and read them
  58.  Take a nap
  59.  Get a pedicure/manicure
  60.  Practice mindfulness of being in the moment
  61.  Ride a bike
  62.  Read a story to children
  63.  Look in the mirror and say, “I love you; I really, really love you!” (Fo’ Real, DO IT!!)
  64.  Be a complete goof, nerd cornball! It makes life fun:)
  65.  Get some physical exercise, and move your body!
  66.  Look each person in the eye that you pass that day and smile
  67.  Go to a park and play like a kid.
  68.  Fly a kite
  69.  Plan a party
  70.  Hang up pictures of people that make you happy
  71.  Put an ice cube down a “playful” someone’s shirt:)
  72.  Wrestle and tickle with your Love or children
  73.  Choose a room in your home and redecorate it
  74.  Run through the sprinkler
  75.  Pick a bouquet of wildflowers
  76.  Perform in front of a crowd
  77.  Enjoy a spiritual conversation with someone with an open mind
  78.  Bake cookies for a neighbor
  79.  Breath (Take six deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth)
  80.  Plant a garden
  81.  Go to a concert
  82.  Learn about a new culture and go to a restaurant with that food
  83.  Go to an art gallery or museum.
  84.  Make home-made play dough
  85.  Get your hair did! (Damn, I look good)
  86.  Karaoke with friends
  87.  Go to a local farmers’ market.
  88.  Set up an outdoor movie and pop popcorn
  89.  Do a puzzle
  90.  Take a pottery class
  91.  Have a snowball fight
  92.  Go skiing/snowboarding
  93.  Go fishing
  94.  Get a relaxing massage
  95.  Go to an amusement park
  96.  Take a stroll at the zoo.
  97.  Go laugh your buns off at a comedy club
  98.  Walkthrough a beautiful garden
  99.  Go hiking in the mountains, enjoy mother earth, and get some fresh air!
  100. Make LOVE!!! One of my favorite ways to raise my vibe.
  101. Take a social media break.
  102. Drink water; a well-hydrated body is good for the soul, so remember to drink lots of water.
  103. Diffuse Essential Oils (lavender, sage, lemongrass, jasmine, frankincense, patchouli, myrrh, cedarwood, juniper, and rose are great for raising your vibe!)
  104. Take Five minutes to focus on the present moment, and use my think five grounding tool.
  105. Feng Shui your space.

This is not an exhaustive list of ways to raise your vibe. You know yourself better than anyone. Get quiet and listen to your higher self via meditation, and get in tune with what you need to raise your vibration! We all are so different, and what works for me may not work for you, and that’s okay! Review this list and choose some that work for you, or find your own ways to shift to a high frequency.

Sending you good vibes and much love,

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  1. Reese Evans says:

    Thank you Jen for this beautiful article. I read & it really works. I appreciate your writing skills & thoughts. This is really praiseworthy. Well done.

  2. Donna Batrone says:

    5 stars
    Beautiful post. I shared with my best friend. Thank you!

  3. Matt Taylor says:

    These are all great ideas for raising your vibe. Funny movies and a bowl of popcorn help me. Or eating my favorite dessert. Or eating bacon. 🙂 Going on walks and being with friends helps too!

  4. 5 stars
    What an awesome list!! I am going to print it & stick it somewhere that I can see each day! We all need good, positive vibes in our lives & this list helps!

  5. This was an awesome read! I have sent this to so many people already! Great ideas and tips! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  6. 5 stars
    My favorite on this list is to play hide and seek with a child! I’m going to do that today with my kiddos, thank you!

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