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White Elephant Gift Exchange GOLD, The Best of The Best!


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*Updated November 7, 2022

For years Kelly and I have hosted an annual Christmas party. It is the highlight of our year. And the highlight of the night is our annual white elephant gift exchange. Year after year, our friends and I have scoured stores and the internet searching for the BEST gift for the next white elephant gift exchange that would have everyone rolling and almost peeing their pants as the recipient opened the gift. Finding the zaniest and most hilarious gag gifts had become a game in and of itself. Every year it is a race to find the best white elephant gifts.

If this sounds like you and your tribe, then you, my friend, are in the right place! Never fear. I did all the hard work for you. I have scoured the internet and found the most hilarious white elephant gift ideas that will be the hit of your white elephant exchange party and have everyone laughing and vying for your gift!

But before we get to the great gift ideas, let’s go over the white elephant game rules. There are many different ways to play, but our favorite way is to have everyone bring their unmarked gift wrapped. As our guests arrive, we place all the gifts in a pile for later.

How To Play The White Elephant Exchange Game
The rules on how to play the most popular adult Christmas Party game!

Now It’s Time To Play: Here Are The Rules of The Game And Step By Step Instructions:

  • Step One: Each player picks a number from a bowl or hat (#1-#20 or however many guests attend). The number drawn from the bowl is each person’s order of play.
  • Step Two: The first player (drew #1) goes first and can pick ANY gift from the gift pile. They unwrap their gift; so everyone knows what it is. The first turn is now over.
  • Step Three: The next assigned person then goes. They have two options. They can steal from the first person or pick a new gift from the pile. If the second player opts to steal the first player’s gift, then the first player will choose a new one. The second player’s turn is over.
  • Step Four: With the third person, things get even more interesting. The third player has the same options as player #2. They can steal any opened gift or choose a new one. If the third player opts to steal, the robbed player can choose a new gift or steal one of the other opened gifts. Stealing is a big part of the fun and can get a bit rowdy with everyone vying for the “top item.”
  • Step Five: Now, “the game” is in full play. We limit the number of times anyone’s gift can be stolen. We chose to limit the amount of steals to three times. So once an item has been stolen a third time, it is now locked and no longer in play. The game continues until all subsequent players have had a turn.
  • Step Five. The end of the game is signified after the last turn and when every person has a gift, even if they are stuck with an unwanted item. (They can always keep it and bring it back the following year.)

*It is essential to place a limited value or price limit on the items brought for the exchange. Nothing is worse than when you get a $20 gift and end up with something from the dollar store. You know your friends best. Determine a dollar value that feels comfortable for everyone. The last thing you want is for your white elephant gift exchange party to be a financial burden.

Now that we have gone over the above rules now, let’s get to helping you find the perfect white elephant gift for your party! And the best part is that all the gifts I found are under $30, and they are available on Amazon and eligible for Prime 2-day Shipping because I procrastinate much!?

Round Up of 30 Hilarious and Unique White Elephant Gift Ideas. Perfect for your your next adult Christmas Party.
So many fun ways to get your friends laughing at this year’s white elephant gift exchange!

Win The Party With The Best White Elephant Gift Ideas EVER!

Scarf with built in boobs the perfect white elephant gift to make every one laugh!
The classic saggy boob scarf is sure to be a hit.
  1. Just imagine some guy friend opening these “gals” up – I can see my friends dying” over”this one!
Hairy Belly Fanny Pack Gag Gift
So many good jokes with this one!

2. Seriously, a fanny pack that doubles as a hairy belly!! Where was this when I was hosting my party? This would have been an absolute RIOT!

I pee in pools trucker hat
Imagine wearing this to your next pool party!

3. Hopefully, no one will be “pissed” about getting this hilarious” hat! ” laughed out loud by myself in my office when I found this bad boy. This one is perfect for a good laugh.

meat sweatshirt hoodie
Show your man that he’s grade “A” in your book!

4. Where’s the “BEEF” – This awesome sweWhere’s is Grade A Awesome! This is the perfect “meaty” gift.

Classic hot dog and bun toaster
For all the hot dog lovers in your life!

5. Since we are on the subject of meat, how bout’ gifting this handy dandy hot dog toaster, perfect for all the hot dog lovers in your life? Where do they come up with this stuff!?

Ugly Christmas Sweater Adult Coloring Book
Whatever will be vying over.

6. Since you are already probably going to an Ugly Sweater Party, why not give the gift of adult coloring books dedicated to Ugly Christmas sweaters? 

Set of sexy dice for couples
These would also be a great way to celebrate “Sexy Christmas

7. If you’re going to a couples-only party, it’s always fun to throw in a “spicy gift that will make the recipient blush a bit, or if they don’t embarrass easily, they will be excited to go home with some sexy dice!

Sexy Christmas Mankini
I am gonna just leave this one right here…

8. If the sexy dice didn’t make your guests blush, this mankini will for sure make them laugh?! Who says Men’s lingerie can’t be sexy?

Donald Trump Chia Seed Head
One waMen’sbring Prescan’t Trump back into your life.

9. Politics aside – this gift is just funny. Even the chia head hair would be an improvement for “The Donald” For this hair-raising gift head.

A plastic pickle that yodels
I”m not sure how this works, but trying to figure it out will be good for some laughs.

10. A Pickle that yodels? Ummm, this might be the funniest, weirdest wackiest white elephant gift idea ever!

True Factoids about Chuck Norris
Everything you never wanted to know about Walker, Texas Ranger

11. Who knew there were even 400 facts to be known about the “World’s Greatest Human?” Grab this book to get the skinny on all the Chuck Norris factoids.

Paper cups with different noses
Don’t pick your no”e; see what I d”d there.

12. These “Nosy” cups are a lot of fun and make a great white elephant gift! – perfect for parties with kiddos! 

I pooped today hand sanitizer
This is a HOT commodity these days.

13. This is just awesome; imagine grabbing this out of your purse every time you need sanitizer; you couldn’t help but smile!

Worst White Elephant Gift Ever Silly Pop Socker
Or is it the best white elephant gift ever???

14. PopSockets are awesome, and this one will let everyone know they ended up with an awesome, scratch the worst white elephant gift ever!

Here’s to hoping this thing gives accurate predictions.

15. The classic magic eight ball gets a new spin on things. And I am here for it!

Chewbacca wearable blanket for gag gift
May the force be with you!

16. It wouldn’t be a white elephant party without at least one snuggy. Theywouldn’ten a reigning champ for years as the “go-to” gag gift! This one is pretty awesome in all its Chewbacca glory! 

If you can read this, bring me tacos socks
“these are just funny and look cozy!

17. This one really needs no comment or introduction… Everyone loves tacos, and why gift some socks that promote the getting of tacos?

Wood pecker toothpick dispenser
Handy and silly make for the perfect white elephant gift idea!

18. A woodpecker that dispenses wood… eh, I mean toothpicks. This is hilarious!

I flexed and the sleeves blew off muscle tank
Okay, most guys would love this tank.

19. Bringing it back to the actual theme of my blog… This funny fitness tank is sure to be a hit!

Night Light With democrats' faces to pee on
I don’t care who you voted for; this is FUNNY!

20. Again not trying to be pee-litical, but this toilet night light is hilarious. I’ll just leave this link here and let you decide.

Every white elephant gift exchange needs a muggle inspired gift.
You know it.

21. These silly tote bags will be the perfect gift for all my Harry Potter lovers.

Silly Coffee Mug - Of course I talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advice.
The mug is not wrong.

22. A funny coffee mug is always a hit, and there are a TON on amazon to choose from, based on the climate of your guests.

The Office, Michael Scott Sequence "stress" pillow , will be the hit of all the white elephant gift choices!
Everything about this item is perfect.

23. We have a winner: sequence and Michael Scott. This accent pillow is sure to be a sought-after gift.

Coffee Table Book Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes - White Elephant gift magic!
When all else fails, hit them with the ultimate bad dad joke book!

24. You can never go wrong with coffee table books. You know, your guest can proudly put a book on display in their homes. Like this copy of Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes: So frightfully awful.. yet wonderfully spiffing.

TikTok Viral Book Brenda's Beaver Needs a Barber
There is a reason “readings” of this book have blown up on TikTok.

25. Or there is always the copy of Brenda’s Beaver Needs a Barber that has gone viral on TikTok.

Bag of Emoji Poo Cotton Candy, a great way to round out a white elephant gift
Taking a page from Billy Madison, a bag of poo is always a hit.

26. Why not gift a bag of poo as a fun way to pay homage to everyone’s favorite emoji, the poop emoji.

500 Piece Puzzle of Joe Exotic of the Tiger King Fame - white elephant gift gold!
A fun and tacky gift for the Tiger King fans

27. Why not gift the man that captured the attention of everyone during the lockdown? Joe Exotic himself.

Off color cookie cutters with funny sayings - may just be the white elephant gift of the party!
Be the talk of the neighborhood handing these cookies out.

28. These Christmas Cookies making cutters are the perfect gag gift.

Toilet game of fishing for the man that has everything and is into fishing, another awesome white elephant find!
I can’t even.

29. First, there was the toilet golf set. Now you can fish why sitting on your throne.

Men's funny apron for grilling. Your Opinion Wasn't In The Recipe. A fun white elephant gift idea!
Ok, this one is funny, I need a girly one for me!

30. For your chef friends, this may be just the item you are looking for.

These are the best of the best without being too crude. I hope this roundup and gift guide helps you find JUST the right white elephant gift for your posse. So much is dependent on the vibe of your tribe.

So I tried to find gifts that would work well with any group of people and go over with a good round of laughter! These funny gifts will work for family gatherings, a gift exchange event, or a holiday party with work colleagues.

This time of year is my favorite, and I hope these funny white elephant gifts have helped you embrace the holiday season and you are excited about this year’s White Elephant Gift Exchange!

Much Love,

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