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Make This Year, A “Sexy Christmas!” Your Partner Will Love!


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*Updated 10/24/22

My husband and I are obsessed with the show Ted Lasso if you have not watched it. Take a weekend and binge the entire two seasons that are currently available! You will not regret this life choice. The show is worth all the hype.

Anyway, in one of their latest episodes, two of the main characters, Roy and Keeley, share their plans for a sexy Christmas with a whole swanky Frank Sinatra-esk vibe. Sadly their “Sexy Christmas” is thwarted by Roy’s niece Phoebe and a case of intolerable and dry heaving inducing bad breath. So their “Sexy Christmas” is moved to Sexy December 28th, as Roy declares, “is the sexiest day anyhow.” (again, best writing!) But the whole scene and idea got me thinking…

Ted Lasso Sexy Christmas Theme
Roy and Keeley enjoying a “hot” moment and a sexy Christmas

After 20 years of marriage, I love keeping romance alive and finding fun ways to surprise my man. So this year, I am taking a page from the lovebirds Roy and Keeley and incorporating my take on Sexy Christmas in our home. And, of course, I want to share all my crazy research, and “Sexy Christmas” finds with you so you, too, can get in on the fun and share a bit of spicy fun this holiday season with your significant other.

So if your significant other is on the nice list, and you want to gift them with a naughty Christmas, you are in the right place!

Couple snuggled up exchanging gifts. There is a Christmas tree in the background. They are making the most out of their sexy Christmas.
This year, make it a sexy Christmas!

This is all in good classy fun. Like many self-proclaimed “good girls,” talking about sex was something I didn’t feel comfortable talking about. But I have seen firsthand that many marriages are suffering as a result! Sex is something we need to talk about and acknowledge that it is a massive part of our overall health, personally and in our intimate relationships. The fact of the matter is strong healthy marriages and relationships involve sex! So let’s take away the shame, guilt, and stigma and have some fun with this essential part of our relationships!

It All Starts With The Right Sexy Christmas Outfits!

Find a sexy gift for that someone special.

I scoured the internet, and if you want to surprise “Santa Claus with a sexy “Mrs. Claus” panty set, these are the ones! They are super fun and definitely spicey!

collage of sexy Christmas lingerie
Sexy Christmas Panty Sets
  1. This sweet lacey red number could transfer to being used throughout the year, not just during this time of year.
  2. This Christmas Lingerie Two Piece Set comes with a Santa bra and panty with Garter Belt. It is simple and classy and has the perfect sexy Santa vibes.
  3. If you like booty shorts and tankini-style tops, this set is perfect for you!
  4. This option does not leave very much to the imagination, but it makes it perfectly clear that you are the Christmas gift! 
  5. If you like the bow/gift idea but want something a bit easier to get yourself into, this two-piece bow set might be a better option. The satin bow accent is always a classy move!
  6. This skimpy Christmas set is super tiny and doesn’t have a whole lot of fabric. But it does come with a festive Santa hat to complete the sassy ensemble.

If you are looking to go the route of sexy Christmas costumes, I got you!

  1. This sexy fitted Santa costume will surely steam things up at the north pole with this fitted mini skirt!
  2. This sexy Santa outfit with a full skirt would be safe to wear to a holiday party and not just the bedroom. But sure, still to spice things up!
  3. This one is sure to be a hit with the off-the-shoulder dress, red sequence, and candy cane tights!
  4. This sheer Santa baby doll dress might not stay on too long.
  5. Sometimes the only thing you need to wear is just a jacket with a black belt.
  6. Shake things up with this sexy elf costume and show that Santa’s little helper is also down for some fun!

Why should the ladies have all the fun? Here are some sexy Christmas Costumes for Men!

  1. These sassy shimmering red Santa boxer shorts are just fun!
  2. This Rudolph the red-nose reindeer thong would make the perfect white elephant gift and spice things up for sure!
  3. They prove once again that Santa’s little helper can also be hecka sexy in this manly, sexy elf costume.
  4. This Elf Costume is also super manly and just the right touch of sexy!
  5. I totally agree with the sentiment that a suit is like lingerie for women. And this fitted Santa Suit is HOT!
  6. This sexy Christmas ensemble is a classic! Sure to make Christmas Eve magical.

Next, Comes Picking The Perfect Get In The Mood Christmas Song! Here is a list of the sexiest Christmas Music.

  • I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus -Jessica Simpson’s rendition
  • Santa Claus Is Back In Town- Elvis Presley
  • I’ll Be Your Santa, Baby – Rufus Thomas
  • I’ve Got Some Presents For Santa – Sarah Taylor and Bill Mumy
  • Wit It This Christmas – Ariana Grande
  • Christmas Eve-Justin Bieber
  • Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt
  • All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey
  • White Christmas -Michael Buble
  • Let it Snow – Boyz II Men
  • Mistletoe – Colbie Caillat
  • Merry Christmas, Darling – Christina Perri
  • Christmas Memories – She & Him
  • Cuddle Up – Catey Shaw
  • All I Need Is You – Maggie Rose

These are just a few ideas. I found this awesome playlist on Spotify entitled: Sexy, Sexy Christmas: The Naughty List. It is an excellent list with so many sultry and sweet Christmas jams, perfect for setting the mood.

To start spicing things up, try texting some of these flirty + scandalous Christmas quotes!

Sexy Christmas Inspired Texts To Send Your Significant Other

The only package I want this Christmas is yours.

I’d like to jingle your balls.

All I want for Christmas is you.

Let’s be naughty and save Santa the trip.

Can I sit on your lap and tell you what I want this year?

Baby, it’s cold outside… let’s warm each other up?

You light me up like a Christmas tree.

Want to hear my grown-up Christmas list?

I’d ride that sleigh.

I wish I were a present so I could get laid under the Christmas tree.

I hope this post inspires you to make this year a bit different! To embrace and make sure your significant other feels how much you still love them and want them! After I posted my 30-Day Love Challenge, I heard that this is an area of your life where many of you struggle! Intimacy within marriage after so long takes work! But finding fun ways to spice things up and play is so important! Don’t let the flame of your passion burn out.

So head over to Amazon and order some sexy Santa costumes, or heck, since it’s close to Halloween, buy a sexy Christmas Halloween costume at your local Halloween store. They usually have a good selection of sexy costumes. I sometimes go right after Halloween and pick up a few sexy costumes at 50% off to surprise Kelly throughout the year! Yes, we love keeping things interesting!

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Merry Christmas, Friends, and Let’s have some fun making this year the “sexiest Christmas ever!”


  1. Matt Taylor says:

    Ted Lasso is the best show ever!! So happy they won a bunch of Emmys. I can’t wait to watch the latest episode. And yes that Sexy Christmas idea they did in the show was awesome. Such a great idea.

  2. I finally started watching Ted Lasso and then immediately binged all of it! I love how you have taken the idea to a whole ‘nother level, so fun!

  3. Ohh la la! Looks like an AWESOME way to heat up the cold winter weather 😉 So many great ideas. And yes, Ted Lasso is always terrific!

  4. 5 stars
    How fun!! Love the ideas you shared!! Just may have to do a sexy Christmas this year!!

  5. 5 stars
    These are such fun ideas! Love all the quotes – ha!

  6. 5 stars
    Very fun! Love that show too!

  7. 5 stars
    Thanks for this! After watching the Ted Lasso episode I remarked to my husband maybe we should do “sexy Christmas” this year, and I couldn’t change my mind after I said it (ha) so I was looking for more ideas

    1. Becca, I love that!! It’s so much fun 🙌🏻❤ Have a very merry sexy Christmas! 🔥

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