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Beach Body’s 3 Day Refresh

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Beach Body 3 Day Refresh – A review from a non-coach! It is amazing how much your body can change in only 3 days!

Beach Body, most commonly known for Insanity and P90X has introduced a new 3 Day Refresh system/cleanse/detox …And as my most loyal readers know, I LOVE a good detox! So I was pretty stoked when my lovely box came in the mail! It was pretty much Christmas in July for me. I know I’m nerdy that way. But quite honestly after moving, the fourth of July, and just enjoying Summer goodies, my body NEEDED a good detox!

Beach Body 3 Day Refresh - A review from a non-coach! It is amazing how much your body can change in only 3 days!

Now for the good, the bad and of course The ugly…

The Good…

It is super easy to follow! Every day consists of the following meal outline:

Breakfast: Shakeology Shake + 1 Fruit Option (you’re given a list to choose from)

Tea Break: Unsweetened green or herbal – I did not take a tea break but if you’re a tea drinker go for it!

Late AM: Fiber Sweep Digestive Drink

Lunch: Vanilla Fresh Protein Shake + 1 Fruit Option + 1 Veggie Option + 1 Healthy Fat! (Lists are provided with options to choose from for these as well)

Snack: Veggie + Healthy Fat  OR 1 raw juice option

Tea Break: See above options

Dinner: Vanilla Fresh Shake + 1 option from the Dinner Recipes List – All are vegetarian with a handmade vinaigrette! — I LOVED one of the salads so much I’m sharing the recipe next week!

Tea Break: If needed you can drink some more tea!

So as you can see you eat a lot! I never felt like I was starving at all, which is a deal breaker for me! I  was expecting to suffer from a serious case of “Hangry” which is common with most detoxes I have tried. But I never felt that hunger + angry feeling when you’re cutting out sugar! For the most part, I felt good during the detox, the first couple days I was more tired than usual. But on the fourth day, it was like I woke up as a brand new woman! I felt alive, and my skin looked amazing! It helped kick my “need” for sugar! Which was starting to be a daily need and a very vicious cycle!

The Bad:

No Meat or Cheese for 3 Days! This was tough! But to steal the best line of the handbook… You may not consume cheese but feel free to cut it if needs be. Which when I get to the “Ugly” portion, I can validate that statement…

All the shakes can only be mixed with water! No Almond Milk 🙁  — Which didn’t bother me too much, it’s only 3 days

The Fiber Sweep… Not my favorite! But if you just chug it down it’s totally doable. Just don’t let it sit too long!!! It becomes the consistency of a watery tapioca. Not good peeps!

You have to plan ahead. Most of the other detoxes I’ve tried you can make a quick run to the store and purchase all your ingredients, but with the 3-day refresh, you need to purchase the program online, then wait anxiously for it to be shipped. {I am NOT a Beach Body Coach, so you can rest assured that I will not be tracking you down to order Shakeology every month or try to recruit you to be a coach as well! 😉 – this is a no pressure purchase situation!

The Ugly:

You will have gas, and your pipes will be cleaned! — The gas although it was somewhat of an issue, just ask Kel :/ I didn’t think they smelled. LOL!

Now for the results! — Holy crap! I was Ahh-mazed!!!

Beach Body 3 Day Refresh - A review from a non-coach! It is amazing how much your body can change in only 3 days!

I would have done this cleanse just because I felt better and it helped me get back on track with eating clean! But I was impressed by how much my body changed in just three short days! Crazy huh?!?!

If you want to get your hands on the 3-day Refresh – you can order using the link below! — When you order using my affiliate link, I will include as a bonus a FREE 27 Day Eating Clean Meal Plan! + Recipes! – Just shoot me an email {[email protected]} letting me know you’re going to give it a go, and I will send them to you right away!

Order YOUR 3 Day Refresh Program Now!

I can’t wait to see and hear about your results!!!!

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