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Is Keto Krate Right For You?

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If you are following a Ketogenic lifestyle, the first thing you will start to realize is that finding keto-friendly snacks as you peruse your local snack aisle is hard. Even some Keto and low-carb branded snack choices can be full of sweeteners and chemicals that will kick you right out of ketosis. So you need to be wary.

In February, Kelly and I started a “new diet” I hate even to call it that. I abhor diets. But for us, it has been a new lifestyle change. After much research and listening to our bodies, we decided to ditch the sugar and excess processed carbs and lean into a more keto-friendly way of life. For Kelly and me, it has been a complete game changer! Kelly is down over 20lbs and feels fantastic. And I have lost about 10lbs, but more than that, my body composition has completely changed. Beyond the weight loss, we both love our new levels of energy and focus. For us, Keto works.

Based on this new shift in our lives, I was pumped to find Keto Krate. Keto Krate is a monthly delivery subscription box that delivers a curated box of high quality products and keto goodness every month.

Photo of Andie unboxing a Keto Krate monthly subscription box. Each box is filled with Keto friendly snacks and goodies.
I love getting my Keto Krate Box every month! So many delicious keto treats to try!

With Each Keto Krate, You Can Be Certain of The Following:

  • All snacks in Keto Krate have 5g of net carbs per serving or less. Often much less. (Typically, most snacks are in the 0-2g of net carbs range)
  • All snacks are Gluten-Free. The Keto Krate folks felt like It just didn’t seem right to allow wheat into Keto Krate. So they banned it!
  • All products are FREE of Maltitol. Who needs it?! Certainly not your stomachs.
  • Keto Krate snacks are also aspartame-free, soy lecithin-free, and soy and sucralose conscious. Soy or sucralose will never be found high up on the ingredient list. Most products included are sweetened with monk fruit, stevia, xylitol, or allulose.
  • FREE shipping – there are never any added shipping costs
  • By subscribing, you will also get free VIP access to their members-only Keto Shop.
  • Each box is a great mix of savory snacks and sweet treats
  • You’ll also receive discount codes and coupons (valued at $20+) for the items featured each month, so if you love an item, you can get more with the benefit of a discount!
  • The keto snacks included are full-size snacks, not sample sizes.
  • Each box also includes a pamphlet with keto recipes and helpful tips to help you rock your keto lifestyle.

Kelly and I await our monthly subscription box like a couple of kids on Christmas. Some of the brands and snacks they have featured in the past include the following:

Photo of a sneak peek of what is included in Keto Krate's monthly subscription service.
Look at all those tasty Keto goodies!

If you want a better idea of what may be included in your first Keto Krate, check out my past unboxing videos or click over to the company’s website for previous Keto krate boxes.

How does Keto Krate work?

  1. Step One: You’ll subscribe to the keto krate – this is a simple process on their website, much like ordering any other item online. You will need a credit card.
  2. Step Two: Your Order will be prepared and shipped so that you can enjoy all the tasty snacks! After your first box, a new keto box will ship out to you every month!
  3. Step Three: Enjoy your new keto snacks every month!

How Do You Cancel Keto Krate?

Another great thing about Keto Krate is that you can cancel your subscription at any time. You simply need to click the cancel button on the Keto Krate website. You can even put your subscription on hold and skip a month or two and come right back. You’ll need to log in to your Keto Krate account to manage upcoming renewals.

How Much Does Keto Krate Cost?

The cost of the box is $39.99. Typically they have a $10 of your first box or a Buy One Get One Free Offer. This is a great way to give Keto Krate a try and see if it is the right snack box for you.

So Keto dieters rejoice! Keto Krate is an excellent option for finding tasty new brands that offer snacks that are low in grams of net carbs! I would be lying if I said Kelly and I enjoyed every keto snack included in our monthly keto snack box. But I would rather find out I do not like something this way than pay for a huge bag or package of snacks and find out we do not like it. So the financial risk is mitigated because Keto snacks are not cheap and usually require buying in bulk.

So There you have it, my full review of Keto Krate. Overall I think it is a fantastic option to try all the tasty low-carb snacks out there without paying total retail prices. I would also like to mention, don’t let the word “keto” scare you off. This subscription box is excellent for anyone who wants to get tasty, healthy foods minus the extra sugar and weird ingredients delivered right to their door every month!

Want to try Keto Krate today? USE CODE ANDIETHUESON to save $10 on your first box!

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Happy Snacking Friends!


  1. This is so cool! I didn’t know about this Keto Krate until now. This will actually be a great holiday gift for my other friends following the keto diet.

  2. I will have to definitely look into this!! Sounds awesome! I am always looking for healthier options!

  3. 5 stars
    This is really helpful!! I can’t wait to try it! Thanks!

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