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The 5 Best Corn Syrup Substitutes, Great Swaps For All Types of Baking!

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Have I mentioned that I love getting your emails! Nothing brightens my day more than getting your emails – it helps remind me why I spend 40+ hours a week working on this blog! … You, of course, my lovely readers! 

I recently received this email request and figured it was the least I could do to round up a few ideas for healthier corn syrup substitutes! 

You asked about something we want to healthify… Do you have a replacement for corn syrup so we can make these no-bake cookies with peanut butter and chocolate chips? Because other than the corn syrup, I think they are pretty healthy. Thanks. – Doug of Huntington Beach, CA 

I’m on it, Doug!!

Here are the best healthier alternatives high-fructose corn syrup, so you don’t have to give up on your pecan pie dreams.

I am all for choosing a natural sweetener and a healthy alternative whenever possible. So the next time your recipe calls for corn syrup, use these corn syrup substitutes instead!

Image of all the best corn syrup substitutes. Honey, Agave Syrup, Maple Syrup, Brown Rice Syrup, and Golden Syrup/.

As a baker, I can see why substituting corn syrup can be a bit trickier – it’s just not the sugar we are replacing; it is the texture and the ability to ward off crystallization when making candies. But don’t fret; there are some excellent corn syrup substitutions to be had! 

As a general rule, all of these substitutes are a great option and can be subbed out in equal replacements in a 1-1 ratio. Each alternative will provide a bit of a different flavor to your traditional Karo syrup, but all are a good choice when making a healthier choice.

An image of  a great corn syrup substitute,  Agave Nectar

#1 Agave NectarAccording to most bakers, this is your best choice; it has a mild flavor like corn syrup and a very similar sweetness level. It also remains liquid at room temperature, like corn syrup. It’s a great swap option for pies and sauces, but since their chemical makeups are different, this is not the choice if candy making is your game. Agave Syrup can be subbed at a 1-1 ratio. 

NOW Foods, Certified Organic Light Agave Nectar, Blue Agave, Certified Non-GMO, Low-Glycemic Sweetener, Kosher, 23.2-Ounce Rated 4.7 out of 5 by 2243 reviewers on

An image of a great corn syrup substitute,  Brown Rice Syrup

#2 Brown Rice SyrupBrown rice syrup is a great substitute for candy recipes because it does prevent sugar crystals or sugar crystallization and does well with high temperatures. It has a similar consistency to corn syrup but has a nuttier distinct flavor, almost like cooked brown rice. So with the flavor profile known, it might not be the best fit for some dishes. Brown Rice Syrup can be used in place of corn syrup at a 1-1 ratio. 

Raw seed Organic Brown Rice Syrup 1 Pack 16 oz Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 195 reviewers on

Photo of a great corn syrup substitute honey.

#3 Honey – Honey is my personal favorite for sweet treats and a good option! to consider. Check out my Kid-Friendly Brown Rice Crispy Treats! I love the flavor of honey and use it any chance I get for all the added health benefits honey provides. That said, it doesn’t prevent crystallization and corn syrup, so it’s not an excellent choice for candy makers. If you want a mild honey flavor, stick with a clover or acacia variety. It also loses its sweetness quite a bit when baking with honey, so I would stick with using it for non-baked recipes. Honey can be subbed at a 1 cup honey to 1 Cup regular corn syrup.

Nature Nate’s 100% Pure, Raw & Unfiltered Honey; 32oz. Squeeze Bottle; Award-Winning Taste Rated 4.8 out of 5 by 31396 reviewers on

An image of  a great corn syrup substitute,  Cane syrup

#4 Cane Syrup – This is a Britain pantry staple and has a very similar flavor profile to corn syrup and similar chemical makeup, making it an excellent substitute for candy makers! Since it also is known to prevent crystallization. It is made from pure cane sugar and has no added preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors. Cane Syrup can be subbed at a 1-1 ratio. 

Lyles Golden Syrup – Original 325ml Rated 4.7 out of 5 by 1410 reviewers on

#5 Pure Maple Syrup – Your favorite pancake syrup can be used as an equal replacement with similar sweetness and consistency. Maple syrup can be a good substitute; maple syrup holds up well when baking and has a great buttery flavor. It also has the added benefit of being rich in nutritional goodies, including potassium and calcium. Maple syrup also is rich in niacin, B6, and riboflavin. Maple syrup helps boost your immune system. Maple Syrup can be subbed at a 1-1 ratio. 

NOW Foods Organic Maple Syrup, Grade A Dark Color, 32-Ounce Rated 4.7 out of 5 by 555 reviewers on

There you have it, five fantastic healthier substitutes for high fructose corn syrup! Whether you agree or disagree with the criticism of corn syrup, it’s a significant component in many processed goods. With several negative health concerns, corn syrup should be avoided if possible! Please use caution and opt for one of these healthier options! 

These corn syrup substitute options are becoming a more common ingredient, and you should have no trouble finding these items at your local grocery store. But I have included links to where you can find them on Amazon!

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions! I would love to help you in any way I can!  – Thanks for reaching out Doug, glad I could help! 

Happy Baking!

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