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Human Design: Your Unique Blueprint for a Fulfilling Life


These two words, “Human Design,” may appear unassuming, but they hold an immense power to uncover your authentic self and guide you toward a life of fulfillment. In this post, we’ll be diving deep into the fundamental aspects of Human Design, shedding light on this transformative system that holds the key to understanding your uniqueness. 

At its core, Human Design is a remarkable combination of ancient wisdom and modern sciences, such as Western astrology, the Chinese I Ching, Kabbalah, The Chakras, and quantum physics. It’s not just another personality typing system but a profound roadmap to discovering your individuality and purpose.

Most current personality tests only give us insights into how we have been conditioned and programmed to be thus far in our experience, so yes, there is great information held in systems such as the Enneagram and Myers Briggs. But they are limited to where we are right now, not the true potential of our souls. 

Hence, my ever-loving growth and fascination with Human Design. 

Photo of Andie reviewing a Human Design Body Graph

So, friends, what exactly is Human Design?

Imagine it as your personalized user manual. This system reveals your innate strengths, vulnerabilities, decision-making processes, and the ideal way you are designed to navigate the world.

Human Design comprises several key components:

Type: In Human Design, there are five main energetic types – Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, and Reflector. Each type operates uniquely and possesses specific traits that influence interactions and decisions. By learning your type, you will understand how you are best meant to function and move through life. 

  • Reflectors = Are tapped into feeling the collective energy and are meant to mirror how we are doing collectively. They are powerful and can move through life being carried by Source/God/Universe. They often find themselves in the right place at the right time when aligned. 
  • Manifestors = Manifestors are meant to be leaders who start movements and can create when connected with the divine via urges. They are the fire starters. 
  • Projectors = Projectors are skilled at reading others’ energy. They are also meant to be tapped into systems and see the inefficiencies of this world. Projectors are powerful see-ers, here to SEE and direct, not so much be a do-er.
  • Manifesting Generators = Are not meant to move through life linearly. They are meant to follow their interests, collecting information and systems while they grow, crafting a NEW way of doing things from what they have learned. They are the mavericks and busters of boxes. 
  • Generators = Create energy and excitement around them when they lean into what they love and what excites them. When they release all their shoulds and prioritize THEIR joy, life flows and becomes easy and joyful. Life is meant to carry them. 

Strategy: Each type has a strategy – a recommended way of navigating life that aligns with their energy. For instance, Generators need to wait to respond, while Manifestors must inform before taking action.

Authority: This pertains to the decision-making process. Your authority could be based on emotional clarity, gut instincts, intuition, or other factors. Understanding and following your authority can lead to more aligned choices.

  • Emotional = I trust what I FEEL to make decisions.
  • Sacral = I trust my excitement and inner “YES” to guide my decisions. 
  • Splenic = I trust my intuitive knowing to guide me. 
  • Ego = I trust my desires to guide me. 
  • G-Center – Self Projected = I trust that by talking it out, I will HEAR my answer. 
  • Mental Authority = I trust my observations to guide me. 
A photo of a blank Human Design Body Graph to show how the one looks.

Energetic Centers: Human Design also taps into the traditional Chakra system, helping you to see how you use the energy of each chakra in YOUR body. 

  • Mind/Crown: How you best receive inspiration and connect with the divine. 
  • Ajna/Third Eye: How you are meant to cultivate and curate opinion and perspective. 
  • Throat: How you are best meant to share your voice with the world. 
  • G-Center: (Heart Chakra) – How you are meant to be directed through life. 
  • Ego Center: (Heart Chakra) – How you are meant to be motivated 
  • Spleen:(Solar Plexus) – How you are meant to work with intuition and instinct. 
  • Emotional Center (Solar Plexus) – How you are meant to work with emotions. 
  • Sacral: How you are meant to create. Also, how to tap into your energy and life force. 
  • Root: How you are meant to handle pressure and produce momentum in your life. 

Gates: There are 64 gates in Human Design, each of which is a special gift or talent you chose to work with in this lifetime. They are DNA activations or tools in your tool belt to be used throughout your lifetime. Think of your activated gates as your special powers! 

A photo showing how a channel is created in human design.

Channels: These are when two gates talk to each other and connect two energetic centers. There are a total of 36 possible channels in Human Design. I view channels as major life themes and your SUPER powers to work with throughout your lifetime. 

Incarnation Crosses: In Human Design, there are 192 incarnation crosses. I like to think of your incarnation cross as your “special sauce” and the energetic vibe you are meant to bring into all you do. The more you lean into this energy, the more you can tap into your purpose. Incarnation Crosses also help us tap into understanding our Karma. 

There are 3 Types of Incarnation Crosses: 

  • Right Angle = You are here to clean up your Karma; by doing your work and clearing your Karmic load, you are helping the collective. 
  • Juxtaposition = Bonus Life. You are here to experience and enjoy life and may feel a bit lighter than those around you. 
  • Left Angle = You are here to help the collective to clear Karma, so your life purpose is more outward facing. 

Profile Lines

Human Design also provides insights into your personality and how others perceive you. Everyone has two separate profile lines; they combine for your unique profile. 

  • Line 1s = Love learning, deep diving, and information gives them a sense of security and safety. Think Hermoine Granger vibes. Google was invented for these folks. 
  • Line 2s = Have a natural talent that comes to them as easily as breathing, and they will need help seeing their gift! They also need time to hermit away and hone their craft/talents. 
  • Line 3s = Are learn by doing peeps. Oh, that stove is hot. Let me touch it and find out. They will move through life-testing theory by trying it out for themselves. They are the scientist of life. 
  • Line 4s = Natural networkers. They love building a strong tribe and sharing information with their tribe. The stronger their inner network, the more opportunities will come their way. So, BE picky about your inner circle. 
  • Line 5s = Are Messengers, Change Makers, and Problem Solvers. They are meant to see the world differently and solve problems, sharing what they see with the collective. 
  • Line 6s = Are the Wise Sages. They move through life with three distinct life cycles that help them step into the Buddha, Sage, or Role Model role. 

This is just a sneak peek into all the amazing insights Human Design provides. 

The magic of Human Design lies in recognizing and accepting your true nature, allowing you to operate in a way that feels more authentic and harmonious. It’s not about changing who you are but embracing your uniqueness and navigating life in a way that best suits you.

Why is understanding Human Design so powerful?

Much like “I Am” affirmations, Human Design empowers you to acknowledge your inherent gifts and embrace your true self. By understanding your unique design, you gain clarity on making decisions, forming relationships, and pursuing opportunities that align with your natural inclinations.

Just as affirmations shape our mindset, Human Design offers a framework for understanding how to move through the world. By living in alignment with your design, you can experience more flow, fulfillment, abundance, and success in various aspects of life.

How can you start integrating Human Design into your life?

Begin by discovering your Human Design type and diving into its intricacies. You can download your FREE Human Design chart right here on my site. 

If you would like further guidance in navigating your Human Design chart. In that case, I offer 1-1 Deep Dive Readings via Zoom, where we will go over everything on your Human Design chart, helping you to understand and integrate the information as we review it. 

I also offer a digital reading, “Just The Notes,” where you will receive a 16+ page printout with guidance on what everything on your chart means and a video tutorial reviewing your chart’s anatomy and how to read it. (I create these personally, so please allow 48-72 hours for delivery.) 

Exploring and understanding your unique blueprint is the first step towards realigning your life in a more authentic and fulfilling way.

Remember, Human Design is not about fitting into a mold but enhancing self-awareness and living in alignment with your true nature.

As you journey through the labyrinth of Human Design, you’ll uncover fascinating insights about yourself, leading to a more empowered and purpose-driven existence. Embrace the magic of discovering your Human Design, and watch as it unveils the path to a life that resonates deeply with your soul.

Much Love,

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  1. This is awesome!! I’d love for my whole family to do it! I’d love to know all this about myself! Thanks for sharing!

  2. this was so introspective and I cannot wait to see what my family are! thank you so much for sharing!

  3. This is such a brilliant idea to share! It would be a lot easier dealing with my challenges. I already printed the Human Design Chart and I can’t wait to share this to my family!

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